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Air Quality Assessment

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Through its team of seasoned and highly qualified consultants, Le Groupe Gesfor can offer its clients a vast array of air quality assessment and management services. As part of their assessments, our consultants verify the efficiency and maintenance of ventilation systems, possible sources of contaminants, comfort parameters and all other factors that may influence air quality. They also investigate the presence of materials contaminated by mould and bacteria that may affect the occupants' health. When deficiencies are identified, our consultants recommend effective solutions and can manage all remediation or repair activities through turnkey projects. We use the services of American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA)-certified microbiology laboratories to support our assessments.

A typical assessment includes the following procedures:

  • Assessment of occupant concerns, history of complaints, etc.
  • Identification of local or adjacent sources of contaminant emissions
  • Examination of ventilation system functioning and maintenance
  • Measurement of comfort factors such as relative humidity, air temperature, air velocity, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, respirable particulates, volatile organic compounds and lighting
  • Assessment of the possible presence of materials contaminated by mould or bacteria


We also offer other services related to air quality assessment and management:

  • Training for building managers and owners on air quality
  • Training for building managers and owners on preventing and managing mould in buildings
  • Management of turnkey projects
  • Selection of interior finishes that improve air quality
  • Various microbiological tests performed by laboratories accredited by the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA)
  • Évaluation of the IAQ for the BOMA BEST accreditation


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