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HVAC Inpection and Mantenance Program

Despite the published standards and guides for inspecting and maintaining HVAC systems, managing such tasks remains difficult, due to the complexity of the structures in place.


In a context where indoor air quality must be ensured in respect to legislation, standards, and occupants, it is important to introduce a management, sanitation, and maintenance program for HVAC systems in buildings.


Objectives of the Inspection and Maintenance Program


The general purpose of our Inspection and Maintenance Program (IMP) is to provide a reference tool to persons in charge of buildings for managing HVAC systems that distribute air into the workplace. In addition to controlling the sanitary condition and contamination of HVAC components, the IMP will identify the physical condition of equipment and ensure appropriate management of air quality.


The specific objectives of the IMP are to:


Identify visible anomalies and possible contingencies; 



Plan the date, frequency and type of action necessary for each component of the HVAC systems;



Describe legal and industry standards, regulations, and practices related to the maintenance of HVAC systems as well as auxiliary systems for controlling contaminants;



Help the persons responsible to understand the importance of the preventive maintenance and proper performance of HVAC systems;

> Provide a reliable, practical, and easy-to-use program for managers, maintenance personnel and professionals who work in the field of indoor air quality.
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