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Our mission

Improving the quality of dwelling and workplaces is a prime day-to-day concern. With that in mind, Le Groupe Gesfor deploys every effort to understand its clients' specific needs and to meet them, in tune with three core values:

Quality: We are committed to providing our clients with high quality services.

Integrity: We will honour our commitments to our clients at all times.

Trust: We pledge to establish and maintain with our clients a close partnership-based relationship.

With 34 offices associated with The Pinchin Group throughout the country, as well as with our head office and four branches in Quebec, we are able to provide assistance to clients all over Canada.

Our approach

The approach we have developed over the years with regards to our clients is based on the following:

Synergy of resources: The pooling of our expertise and the knowledge that our clients have of their environment allows for designing tailor-made services, ensuring the compliance of interventions and reducing costs. Our interventions are supported by a team of qualified and experienced hygienists, engineers and technicians, as well as by fully-accredited laboratories.

Respect for business activities: We are especially mindful that our interventions should not disrupt our clients' business operations.

Accessible specialized information: Our team of technical and language professionals ensures the clarity and accuracy of our communications in both English and French, because meeting our clients' needs also means communicating information well.

Quality assurance

We are one of the few firms to hold professional liability insurance that covers cases of pollution. Indeed, most of the general professional liability insurance and error-and-omission-type insurance policies typically held by professionals contain a clause that excludes coverage for pollution and for air or water contamination from pollutants. The fact that we were able to secure such coverage bears witness to the quality and reliability of our services.

Corporate profile

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